About Merav Ben-Horin

I’m a licensed psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and yoga and meditation teacher based in NYC. I was a dancer for many years and began practicing yoga in 2004 alongside my studies in psychology. Born out of my interest in human behavior and movement, I recognize yoga and psychotherapy as tools for personal growth and emotional well-being.

As a therapist I see individuals and couples, covering a variety of issues, including: stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief and loss, trauma, addictions, relationship difficulties, creative blocks, life transitions and many others.

I believe everyone is unique and therefore I utilize a variety of approaches to support each individual, including: psychodynamic and insight oriented therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), stress management, and mindfulness.

I strongly believe in the unity of mind and body. When there’s interest, I combine somatic therapy and therapeutic yoga in conjunction with talk therapy to help you bring awareness to the body, connect, tune in and process memories, experiences and emotions that “live” within your body.

My style is warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, and direct. I strive to offer a safe space for you to explore your mind and look at old patterns that might no longer serve you. My goal is to help you gain insight and practical tools to live a richer fuller life.

Born and raised in Israel I moved to NYC in 2003. I am fluent in English and Hebrew and treat in both languages.

As a yoga teacher I specialize in therapeutic yoga for emotional well being and trauma relief*. I completed my training in 2009 and have been teaching since then. I strive to offer a safe, non-judgmental environment for students to explore their bodies, observe their minds and confront and overcome their fears, limitations, or obstacles both on and off the mat. I lead yoga and meditation workshops and retreats worldwide and teach specialized workshops on yoga for emotional well being and trauma relief for mental health practitioners, yoga teachers and yoga students.