Ups & Downs – Lifting Through Hard Times

A two hour workshop with  Merav Ben Horin at Yoga Sole
(Photos by Jill Futter)

Moments of sadness, depression and low feeling are normal functions of the human condition and everyday life, just like Joy and Happiness. Depression or Sadness become more problematic when they linger, interfere with sleep, relationships and the ability to function and live fully.

This workshop begins with learning tools that will help you recognize the triggers for you depression and sad feelings. You will learn to identify the areas of your body that interact with these emotions and are most impacted by them. Then, through a guided practice of invigorating asanas, energizing pranayamas and grounding meditation, you will gain useful tools for self-observation and mood-elevation that will help you get through and overcome lingering depression and bouts of the blues.

Location: Yoga Sole, 254 Windsor Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Cost: $40

All ages/All bodies welcome.


Nov 16 2014


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Yoga Sole
Brooklyn, NY