May 5-7 .2017 / Trauma Relief through Yoga. Weekend immersion at Ananda Ashram

by Merav Ben-Horin
4 years ago
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Friday, May 5-Sunday, May 7,2017
(Photos by Jill Futter)

Tuition $175
Plus over night guest rates:
Semi private bed Friday – Sunday $220
Dorm bed Friday – Sunday $180

This workshop will focus on understanding the impact of trauma on the body and mind. It will also address the ways in which our physical state and the quality of our breath may contribute to our emotional experience, and can be altered to ease depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, physical pain and other issues that may derive from unresolved trauma. 

Students will practice and learn simple yogic tools- yoga postures ( asanas), breathing techniques ( pranayamas) and meditations to balance the nervous system, develop a sense of inner safety and improve self-regulation

This immersion weekend is designed for yoga students, yoga teachers and mental health practitioners who are interested in bringing awareness to the body as part of the healing process
To register please contact
Ananda Ashram at 845-782-5575
or [email protected]