A true blend of music and yoga

Resonate is a multi-sensory vinyasa flow experience intricately interweaving meditative movement with live musical expression. With transcendental guitars, lush vocals, entrancing beats and the other-worldly sounds of the middle-eastern oud, Resonate isa truly singular blend of full body harmonics.

This mindful blend of yoga and music moves people into a deeper state of awareness, to themselves, others and the present moment, by inviting them to synchronize the improvised live sounds with their own internal sounds and rhythms, of heart beat, breath and movement.

Resonate was created in 2010 by NYC based yoga teacher and psychotherapist, Merav Ben-Horin, and world renowned musician, Yotam Silberstein.

Merav and Yotam have taught many resonate classes in studios in NYC as well as in retreats in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy Upstate NY and at Beloved festival in Oregon. In November 2015 they were featured in the high profile fundraiser event at the Brooklyn botanic gardens for the White Hawk Foundation aimed at saving the Costa Rican rain forrest. In February 2018 they will be teaching a week long yoga and live music retreat in Nicaragua.

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