Sep. 23rd. 2017 / Yoga for Stress Relief, Brooklyn

by Merav Ben-Horin
4 years ago
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Saturday, September 23,2017
(Photos by Jill Futter)

Stress is normal in our speedy times and in this high intensity town. In small doses, it can help us perform under pressure and motivate us to do our best. Stress and anxiety become problematic when they linger, interfere with sleep, relationships, and the ability to function and live fully.

If you feel like you are constantly running in emergency mode, this workshop will give you some tools to help you calm and ground your body and your mind.

The workshop includes:
* learning about stress and anxiety manifestations on body and mind and how the body impacts the mind and mind impacts body
* learning grounding and stabilizing asanas
* learning breathing practices to calm and balance your nerves system
* introduction to meditation .


Saturday’s September¬†23rd

1:00pm – 3:00pm



Yoga Sole
254 Windsor Pl,Brooklyn,NY 11215
(718) 541-1382