Yoga for Emotional
Balance & Trauma Relief

Through specific movement and breath work tailored to your body and emotional state, yoga can unlock trauma and create a healing environment from the outside in, as a complement to psychotherapy.

My experience brought me to combine both tools: yoga and psychotherapy, to create a holistic approach for dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, tension, insomnia and more.

In these sessions we will bring the body into treatment. It is a well-known fact that mind and body are connected, and there is a great body of research today to support that. We know that our emotional state impacts our body and vice versa, that our physical state impacts our emotions. We also know that we experience the world with our body and that just like our mind, our body “remembers” and “holds onto” memories, feelings and emotions.

We will start the treatment by noticing how memories, experiences and emotions live within your body and perhaps create tension, congestion, numbness, heaviness or other physical sensations in certain areas. We might notice that your verbal narrative correlates with the language of your body (i.e., your body postures, physical symptoms and sensations). We might notice that you feel disconnected from your body and that it is challenging for you to feel sensations. We will then design together a sequence, combined with gentle movement, restorative poses, meditation, and pranayama (breath work) to address what we have noticed and to meet your emotional needs, your body and your personal goals.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be
endured and endure what cannot be cured.​

- B.K.S. Iyengar​